California Shakespeare Theater - Sharon Simpson Center

Orinda, CA

Cal Shake's new Sharon Simpson Center supports the artists, staff and patrons who use and visit the Bruns Amphitheater each season.  The new facility includes dressing rooms, a green room, wardrobe room, offices, a store and cafe.

The new building is topped with a low undulating living roof that both complements and helps to protect the project's sensitive watershed setting in Orinda’s Siesta Valley. The scheme melds building, plaza and landscape while providing habitat for native plants and animals, and new accessible paths through the eucalyptus woods for the patrons of The Bruns Amphitheater.  

  • AIA East Bay Citation Award
  • Client: CalShakes
  • Team: Charlie Stott, Project Manager SD-DD for LMS Architects
  • Photographs: Bruce Damonte